The Global Enablement Awards

Raison D’être

To celebrate and reward excellence, innovation and exemplary achievements in the disability care sector. The awards have been created by the UK Over 50s Housing News media platform.

The philosophy behind the awards is;

  • To give recognition to efforts to advance profitability/surplus/outcomes for all participants,
  • And reward those who lift and enhance via innovation the customer experience/enjoyment/outcome.


All award winners must have operated throughout the period of September 2018 until December 2019, and be adjudicated by the judge to have been the best exemplar in the subset of their sector during this period.


Anyone is free to bring to our attention any individual / company he/she believe merits recognition. Please email [email protected]


The final arbiter will be the Editor of the UK Over 50s Housing News. His decision will be final and no correspondence will be entertained.

The Editor has been involved in the sector for over 30 years.

The Editor is the most widely travelled observer in the disability housing and care sectors, visiting and observing industry trends in 20+ countries each year, free of sector bias / association links / government funding, open to new entrants and conscious that significant changes to sectors often come via free thinking interlopers.

The Editor is free of commercial links and is in a unique position to make considered, balanced and impartial judgments based on intellect, effort, commitment, honesty and the rewards of both shareholder/stakeholder and the client/customer.


The 2019 Categories Are: Autism/Aspergers, Brain Injury, Day Care, Disability Services, Learning Disability (Adult), Learning Disability (Child), Mental Health Services, Rehabilitation, Spinal Injury, Stroke Rehab, Supported Housing, Supported Living, and Creative Living Housing Outcomes.

Evaluation Methodology

The judge will apply the following test to the final selected candidate in each category;

“Is this claimant the best performed, most meritious, most innovative and most courageous in the category.”

Closing Date

All Awards will be determined by November 30th, 2019


All awards winners will be notified by the Awards Secretariat via email, which will set out the terms, conditions, and procedures governing acceptance. All correspondence will be acknowledged.


You will be presented with a certificate and a 2 piece prestigious global trophy.


Any award can be withdrawn at any time for any reason, if in the opinion of the issuing body, the awards reputation is placed in jeopardy by any word, action or misdeed.

The Order of Events for Awards Night

  • The Awards dinner and presentation will be conducted at Courthouse Hotel London, UK.
  • The event is a formal three course sit down dinner, during which there will be a formal presentation to each award winner.
  • The event date is Tuesday, 3rd December 2019.
  • The event commences at 7:00pm
  • Concludes at 10:30pm
  • Venue: Courthouse Hotel London | 19 – 21 Great Marlborough St, Soho, London W1F 7HL, UK
  • Dress Code: Black Tie

Awards Hotel / Dinner

You will be responsible for all your own hotel costs.

You will have to provide your hotel of choice with your own credit card to guarantee your room for your London stay.

You are responsible for all your own airfares and transportation costs.

A charge of £695 will attach to each awards dinner attendee*.

*Discount on application for tables of 10.