Planning UK is a specialist unit researching and documenting every development in the over 50s housing sector in the UK and Ireland.

Every care home, nursing home, extra care, CCRC unit, retirement village, supported housing / sheltered housing and dementia development is reviewed and provided to you on a weekly basis.

The name of the project, full contact details for the developer, and a status report on the proposed development is provided to you. This enables you to target business contacts and develop your own supplier arrangements.

The categories covered include:

(CCRC) Continuous Care Retirement Community, Addictive Behaviours, Adult Day Care/Respite, Affordable, Assisted Living, Autism/Aspergers, Brain Injury, Care Home, Care Village, Clinics, Co-Housing, Community Care, Dementia/Alzheimers, Disability Services, EMI Unit, Extra Care, Health Care Centre, Health Parks, Home Care, Hospice, Hospitals, Housing which targets over 50s, Independent Living Units, Learning Disability (Adult), Learning Disability (Child), Medical Centres, Medical Health Services, Mental Health Services, Multi-generation Housing, Neurology Care, Nursing Home, Palliative, Park Housing, Regeneration, Rehabilitation, Rental Housing, Residential Care, Retirement Apartments, Retirement Community, Retirement Flats, Retirement Village, Shared Equity, Shared Ownership, Sheltered Housing, Social Housing, Specialist Care Complex, Specialist Education Centre, Spinal Injury, Stroke Rehab, Supported Housing, Supported Living, Bariatric Care, Medical Tourism and all forms of Independent Living.