UK Over 50s Housing Awards 2017

Raison D’ĂȘtre

To celebrate and reward excellence in the UK Over 50s housing sector. The awards have been created by the UK Over 50s Housing Weekly News.This is the nineth year of the awards.

The philosophy behind the awards is;

  • To give recognition to efforts to advance profitability/surplus of all industry sectors,
  • And reward those who lift and enhance via innovation the customer experience/enjoyment.


All award winners must be UK / Ireland based and have operated throughout the period of November 2016 until October 2017, and be adjudicated by the judge to have been the best example in the subset of their sector during this period.


Anyone is free to bring to our attention any individual/company they believe merits recognition. Please email


The final arbiter will be the Editor of the UK Over 50s Housing Weekly News. His decision will be final and no correspondence will be entertained.

The Editor has been involved in the industry for over 30 years.

The Editor is the most widely travelled observer in UK journalism, visiting and observing industry trends in 6-8 countries each year, anonymously walking through 200-250 facilities every 12 months, free of sector bias, association links, open to new entrants and conscious that significant changes to industry sectors often come via free thinking interlopers.

The Editor is free of commercial links and is in a unique position to make considered, balanced and impartial judgments based on intellect, effort, commitment, honesty and the rewards of both shareholder/stakeholder and the client/customer.


Each award is unique (except for the Top 10 Innovators / Top 10 Care Home Growth Companies). You have been adjudicated by a world authority to be the most outstanding exemplar in your chosen field in 2016-17. Each segment of the Over 50s Housing sector will be honoured. However if no one in a category in 2016-17 is considered worthy, no award will be made.

Evaluation Qualities

The best performed / most meritorious performance / most innovative / courageous or positive initiative in each subset of the sector.

Conditions Of Acceptance

  • Each winner will be required to attend the presentation ceremony in London on Mon 13th November 2017
  • Each winner is entitled to bring up to six guests

And we will provide you with

  • Photographs / publicity stills
  • Full copyright access / consent and reproduction rights
  • Networking buffet lunch for you and your guests

We will also ask you to make a contribution of £985 towards the conduct of the event, and the various costs associated with the days activities, including on going publicity support for 2018 and providing any help your company officers require re background / press / photos etc during 2018.

Closing Date

All awards will be finally determined by Mon 30th October 2017.


Each award winner will be notified by Fri 3rd November 2017. You will be notified by email.

You will be asked if you wish to accept the award.

If you decide to accept, you will be invited to attend the presentation at the Awards Ceremony to be held in London on Mon 13th November 2017.

Your notification email will outline how to accept and provide you with the details of attendance.

A photographer will be available to record your presentation.

It’s important you confirm your attendance to ensure your entry and the comfortable seating/dining of your guests.

Use of Award

You are able to use your award in sales, marketing and publicity initiatives without having to obtain consent.

You are not obliged to buy any products, subscriptions or advertising as a result of accepting your award.

General Observations (FAQ)

After you are notified by email of your award, you will need to RSVP within 14 days. If we do not hear from you within that time frame the award offer will be withdrawn and category cancelled.

If you wish to accept your award, the acceptance must be on the standard online acceptance form or it will not be recognised as valid.

You are free to interchange your guest list for the presentation ceremony at any time.

You will be personally notified (by email) of the exact time of your stage appearance 20 days before the event.

It is your responsibility to put our email address on your ‘white list’ to ensure communications delivery.

A list of award winners will be published on the UK Over 50s Housing Weekly website.