How long before owners recognise Mike Parish is the problem?

DONCASTER: The Care UK Chief Executive Officer, Mike Parish, is now a major problem for his owners.

Ivory towered, isolationist, uncommunicative, and in a funk. Read More

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Seniors housing market data methodology called into question

LONDON: The seniors housing market depth measuring methodology is no longer valid.

Penetration rates have long been used as an indicator of market demand for new development and expansion projects. Read More

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Pressure to increase urban infill densities to better house seniors and multi-family markets

MANCHESTER: A new study shows that based on the availability of underutilised or vacant land, about half the demand for seniors and multi-family housing could be met by the creation of accessory dwelling units, or self-contained, smaller living units, either attached or detached from the main home. Read More

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90 percent of 65 year old boomers hit retirement age short of cash

LEEDS: The overwhelming reason why baby boomers are not retiring at 65 is because they cannot afford to withdraw from the workforce.

Boomers came to pension/superannuation plans late in their careers, have cash thirsty Read More

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